So what is Keyword Research?

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Keyword research to me is a tool used by anyone searching a targeted audience. It is effective for on-line marketing.
Keywords Concept
The knowledge of Keywords.

Your audience or customers or purchasers are searching the internet 24 hours a day seven days a week all over the globe. There is great power in using the correct words and phrases or terms.


When you go on line with a mission or a purpose what do you do?

It does not matter what browser you use or platform you have, you type in words in the search box looking for something. That something whether it is information, an event or a product is found by entering the correct word pattern. This search is about understanding your purchasers and how the search engines use data to find what it is you are looking for.

For example:

I am looking for shoes. Now if I type shoes I will get thousands of hits. This is not good enough. So I must key in a more specific set of words. I now type in brown shoes. Oh great I think I got it this time. Oh really? not a chance, now there are still thousands of hits. Okay are you seeing a pattern here. I now type in (men’s size 10 brown leather shoes). The ah moment has just arrived. I have now narrowed the search down a bit. I still need to be a bit more specific (men’s size 10 boat shoe in brown leather).

Now the search results are a lot more realistic.

I have targeted it down to what I am looking for. As you can see in this example a more concentrated attempt to have a more specific market will in the long term give us much better results. So keywords can be singular as well as a string of words to accomplish the search results we are after. So if we can find out what people are after or want we now have a knowledge as to what to present them.

Basically keywords allow us to determine what people desire and are searching for already.

  • be aware of what people are genuinely searching
  • use precisely the keywords people are utilizing to search
  • learn how to pin down those keywords and phrases and terms

If you can understand this concept you will rank at the top of Googles search results organically (without using up your budget).

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Lets see if we can do better!

If we search for just quantity keywords will this be enough? Not really. As in the example above if we type in shoes we will get a large volume. The problem is if you are looking for buyers what good is having a million folks visit your offer and no one buys. If would be so much better to have 1000 people visit and 100 of them buy, would you not agree? There is a tremendous amount of sites already selling shoes so you have to do it better. This will become a normal part of your site up keep and testing to find which terms reach the market you are after.

So a keyword by itself is not the only way to search!

Again in my previous example I added words until I started to get more accurate in my searching. This is known as a Long-tail Keyword.

  • A collection of terms
  • A group of words
  • Long phrases (four, five or more)

These long phrases have there limits. They attain small amounts of traffic. If you are to be successful you are expected to have a high-ranking site and that will require targeted keywords. This is a bit of work and if you use pay per click (PPC) this can be pricey to pay for advertising. So we are looking to do this in the best way possible without wasting a lot of time and money.

Have you heard the terms Low Hanging Fruit (LHF) or Cash words?

This is one of the techniques used for executing keyword research in a precise manner. A  LHF word is used to get a really high search volume. At the same time we are trying to find keywords that have a low competition from month to month. Yes, our competitors may be using key words, but without this learning curve you will have the advantage. So we are after high volume with low competition!

  1. Once you learn this you will spend less effort and save money
  2. You will get to the top of the ranking faster
  3. you will stay on top for longer periods for getting better results

Our goal is to get longer term traffic automatically.

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by David H. De Jordy


Founder and creator of


Founder and creator of